Soft Flour Cake

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Sesame Egg Roll 72 gram

PRODUCT NAME: Sesame Egg Roll  INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Palm Oil, Egg, Sesame, Milk Powder, Salt, Vanilla Flavor, β-Carotene(E160a). NET WT.: 72g (2.52oz) (36g×2Bags) SHELF LIFE: 1 year BEST BFORE: Shown on the package. MADE IN TAIWAN

Sachima, Soft Flour Cake-Original Flavor, Caramel treats

Best choicechinese snacks – Sachima The scent of freshly bakedsachima wafts up to greet you,  plays with your senses, and tempts you toindulge. Most delicious, rich sachima I'veever had in my life.  The texture was on point,  a bit crunchy on the outside andgooey a

Pineapple Shortcake With Gift Box,Pineapple Cake Souvenir

Both tasted delicious and fresh  Fruit Shortcake They were very fresh and very cute! HANDS DOWN the best shortcake I've ever had! ------------------------------------------------- 1. Product Name: Pineapple Cake with gift box 2. Weight: 336g 3. Validity: 1 year 4.&n